My top five posts – Nov 2015

My top five posts – Nov 2015

I’ve written quite a few posts on this blog, but admittedly I’ve slowed down a lot. I have plans to change that soon, but in the mean time I’ve compiled a quick run down of my top-five popular posts by page view. Once you’re finished reading the links please read on to my question below. Enjoy!

Top five posts

OSPF – Setting MTU values for Cisco and Juniper This is the top networking post by far.
OSPF – Why have a type-4 LSA  The ‘why-type-4 post’ is a useful one for folks who want a deeper explanation of OSPF operation.
TCAM based forwarding engines You’ve heard about TCAMs for ACLS and QoS before, but this post explains TCAM and and how it functions as a RIB.
Cut-through, corruption and CRC-stomping  On the difficulty of finding corrupt frames when using cut-through.
IPMI Serial-Over-Lan (sol) for server consoles Okay, so I’ll admit it this isn’t a networking post, and it is actually more popular that the in-depth networking stuff I’ve written!
If you want to explore some more popular posts use the Top-10 posts section in the right sidebar.

What do you want to read more of?

As an author I have to use my intuition to write blog posts that can match areas that I feel I can contribute to with the content that you, the reader want to read. The analytics that allowed me to determine my top 5 are really helpful, that that’s no substitute for a direct question to the readers.
So, what would you like to read more of? Where are you stuck and what problems or challenges to you feel are not properly addressed within the network industry?
Let me know in the comments.

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