Create a VirtualBox Arista vEOS image from the command line

Virtualbox_Arista_Logos-whtbkI’ve wanted to check out Arista EOS for a while, but didn’t have access to the hardware. I recently learned that Arista had made EOS available as a virtual machine. Arista call this vEOS. By installing the free VirtualBox hypervisor I could get vEOS running on my MacBook. It sounded a bit too easy, but to be fair the process is really well documented.

Before I go further I should say that I obtained my copy of vEOS from my local Arista SE. I don’t know of any formal way to get a copy but I’d be very surprised if Arista couldn’t provide one through your local sales team (read, don’t ask me to supply a copy). Once I obtained the bootloader iso and veos.vmdk image files I was ready to go. Continue reading