The Feynman Principle


Richard Feynman

Interviews often start with softball questions like…

So why are you interested in working for our company?

This question gives the candidate an easy way to warm-up and could give the interviewer some insights into the candidate. I’ve asked this question many time and sometimes heard a reply like..

I really want to learn about large scale networks. My current network is too small and is limiting my progress.

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Thoughts on leaving Amazon

Hi All,

I left Amazon in late 2015 to become an independent contractor. I took a contract working for a small managed service provider, which was closer to my home and offered a more family friendly schedule. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. I knew that I was going to miss some really cool colleagues, some fascinating nerdy discussions and a very tough, but massively effective thought-system.

The network I’m currently working on is tiny when compared to Amazon’s but most networks are. I’m back to figuring out the messy work of taking over projects in the deployment stage and trying to squeeze advanced features out of enterprise hardware. I’m working within a different set of constraints. Continue reading