Running vEOS in GNS3

Virtualbox_Arista_Logos-whtbkA few weeks back I posted about my experience using VirtualBox to create running Arista vEOS instances. I loved how VirtualBox made is so easy to create VMs. However it seemed unwieldy and error prone to rely upon the VirtualBox console to attach each vEOS interface to a particular LAN segment. My last post explored using the CLI to create these mappings. I had planned to generate topologies using a script to create the appropriate vboxmanage commands at some later date.

I did manage to create a python script that read a topology file and create the right links between the VirtualBox vEOS VMs. I thought it would be cool to control that script via a GUI of some sort.  You know, like using GNS3 for drag an drop link creation. I downloaded the latest version of GNS3 to test IOS and noticed that it had a new VirtualBox category. Woot! Continue reading