Be judged or be ignored

Photo By Lestat (Jan Mehlich) under Creative Commons

Being judged is tough but valuable

I have wanted to start a network engineering blog for quite some time.  I had a long list of  reasons as to why I hadn’t started yet. I wasn’t sure what my colleagues would think.  Did I have enough material? Could I afford the time?  Then I read a post from Seth Godin a few weeks back that really hit home.

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Career – Effectiveness and trust

As a network engineer, you take pride in your hard earned skills, and so you should.  You’ve learned how to design networks. You’ve learned how to install, upgrade and configure routers.  You’ve figured out how to sniff out and fix faults.  If you study your craft and hone your technical skills then you deserve to be rewarded.  However, unless you can work with the people and process in an organization, you won’t get the career success you deserve.

Getting Started

When you start out in network engineering, everything takes too long. I like to call it the first-time-tax.  Everything is new and there are many things to be learned.  You have to  move slowly and ask for help.  Eventually you learn how to do the majority of tasks, and make fewer mistakes.  The more you know about networking, the more tasks you can get done in your limited time.  You have become technically ‘proficient’.

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