10G transceiver overview

This video shows the main 10G connector type, terminology and identifies the associated fiber connectors.

Solving Power Cord Confusion

This video talks about the common power cords and clarifies their naming conventions.  Reference the associated blog post if you want additional links and resources.

Fiber handling tools and tips

This video describes the common fiber cleaners and fiber tracing tools.



6 responses to “Video”

  1. Srinivas Avatar

    Nice video on the transceivers.
    How about a video on line cards and SUPs (Nexus, Juniper and Cat 6500) 🙂 ?

    1. john Avatar

      Hi Srinivas,
      That’s might take a little time to prepare but it’s a great idea.

  2. diana Avatar

    really helpful video indeed. i work on lab automation projects so it really helps clarify things.

    1. john Avatar

      Thanks Diana, glad it was helpful.

    2. john Avatar

      Hey Diana,
      Had a quick look at your website. Really professional design and useful content. I like the hyperlinked diagrams.
      /John H

  3. Aryan Avatar

    I just came across your website,all by chance,BUT I THINK I WONT LEAVE HERE NOT SOONER THAN A WEEK or some like that! just every single stuff I’ve discovered here so far is or was my question at a point in time! The articles are well written, informative and easy to absorb and just straight to to point, every single of them worth reading,Thanks bro

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