OSPF Series

The blog posts below detail some of the lesser known parts of OSPFv2. They’re not really intended for OSPF beginners, so don’t worry if they don’t resonate with you at the moment. Once you’re finished reading you could try they OSPF quiz to test your knowledge.

OSPF – Setting MTU values for Cisco and Juniper

OSPF – Sequence numbers are sooo negative

OSPF – Immediate hellos

OSPF – BROADCAST interfaces and Type-2 LSAs

OSPF – Lingering LSAs from unreachable routers

OSPF – Routing Bit set on this LSA

OSPF – Type-5 E1 path cost calculation

OSPF – Why have a Type-4 LSA?

OSPF – What really triggers type-4 LSA origination?

OSPF – LSInfinity != LSInfinity 

OSPF – how max-metric works

OSPF – How to withdraw an OSPF route

OSPF – Why are Router LSA P2P links so complicated?



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  1. Amit Jp Avatar
    Amit Jp

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the amazing videos about SFPs.
    Thats exactly what I was looking for.
    I am waiting for some videos on line cards, modules, 6500 architecture, and the hardware failure troubleshooting etc.
    Thanks oince again!
    I have already bookmarked this page

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