Hardware series

Hardware Fundamentals

Network hardware knowledge – have a look under the hood
ASIC Design and Fabrication
TCAM in the forwarding engine
Is CPU or ASIC responsible for forwarding?
My 10G switch goes up to 11
Build a 48-port switch using a 24-port ASIC
Cut-through, corruption and CRC stomping 
Airflow is important – terminology is key
Hardware – A quick fix for a bad switch port
Video – 10Gig Fiber Transceivers  
Hardware – What’s the ‘holdup’?
Video – Solving power cord confusion

Deep dive on hardware

Hardware – Differential Signaling
Hardware – How eye pattern diagrams work
Hardware – Signals, Traces and Circuit Boards
Hardware – XOR
Hardware – Equalization and Pre-emphasis
Hardware – Is SFP+ just a smaller version of XFP?
Hardware – Clock and Data Recovery


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