Media Events

I have attended networking field day 4 and TFD Extra @ CiscoLiveEurope 2016 as a delegate. My expenses were covered by  the conference organiser, Gestalt IT. I received the usual vendor sponsored swag, mugs, shirts pens, etc, but rest assured that my independence and integrity survived intact.

Evaluation Equipment and Reviews

I do not do publish paid product reviews. I do receive test equipment supplied by network equipment  vendors. Testing vendor supplied evaluation gear helps me understand a product at a deeper level, but will not bias my opinions toward any particular vendor. I have received an ACM-5004-G 3G console router from Opengear.


If I review a book or equipment I may provide an affiliate link to that product. I’ll receive some pocket change if you purchase items after following the affiliate URL – without any additional cost to you. If you want the product but don’t want me to benefit that’s okay. Just prune the ‘tag=networksherpa-20’ from the URL before pasting in to your browser.


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  1. Ryan Santorini Avatar

    Hi John,
    We are interested in having you review an out of bank network product and provide some feedback. We believe it is the best in the market, but we are looking for a third party independent validation.
    Thank You,

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