Video – 10G Fiber Transceivers – Network Sherpa

Video – 10G Fiber Transceivers – Network Sherpa

I’ve just recorded a quick video about 10Gbps fiber transceivers, There’s a first for everything I guess.  It’s a cheat sheet which describes the different transceivers, where they’re commonly found and the connectors you use.
I’d love to hear your take on the video.  Too long… too short, music too cheesy (yeah I know!), etc.   All constructive feedback is welcomed.

2 thoughts on “Video – 10G Fiber Transceivers – Network Sherpa

  1. Great post John, exactly the information I’ve been looking for for ages.
    A great addition to this post would be some details around LR/SR and the cabling implication as well (single-mode vs multi-mode)

    1. Hey Seb,
      Thanks for the feedback. Yes you’re right about the SR/LR I should add that in there. May do one on 40Gbps and MPO cables too when I get a chance. Hope you’re enjoying Oz.
      /John H.

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