Video – Fiber cleaning and testing

Video – Fiber cleaning and testing

It’s time for another video.  This time I’m covering some useful tools for handling fiber cleaning and testing in the datacenter.


Some details

I show you a CLETOPS Type-B cleaner in the video and you can see that this has a clear window to help guide an LC style connector. It is really hard to clean an SC connector with a Type-B. I recommend the CLETOPS Type-A which has no guide window and is more flexible.
I also made one or two errors in the video. The first error was cost; a CLETOPS casette will cost you about $100 and an IBC about $75. The second error was that I was demonstrating an SC style IBC (or pen) cleaner with LC connectors. You need to buy both styles of IBC cleaner if you work with LC and SC on a regular basis.

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