The Feynman Principle


Richard Feynman

Interviews often start with softball questions like…

So why are you interested in working for our company?

This question gives the candidate an easy way to warm-up and could give the interviewer some insights into the candidate. I’ve asked this question many time and sometimes heard a reply like..

I really want to learn about large scale networks. My current network is too small and is limiting my progress.

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Spiral & mastery learning

 Spiral Learning

Image by; Mets501 at the English language Wikipedia under CC.

I recently attended a curriculum night for my eldest son who is starting 2nd grade.  The teacher talked about a learning method known as ‘spiral learning’ and that the kids would continue to cycle through a range of topics in each subject, revisiting each topic at a deeper level later in the year.   I had never heard of ‘spiral learning’ before.   After a few passed I realised that I use the ‘spiral learning’ approach all the time without having a term to define it.

Spiral learnings’ nemesis is mastery-based learning. In mastery-based learning you must master each topic before being permitted to proceed to the next topic.  I can’t remember too much of my secondary level education but I think we were supposed to be following the mastery-based approach.

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